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The best places in any city, in 10 screens

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City Swipe displays only one place per "Experience" (see below). No more sorting through dozens of options and reviews. There is only one place you need to go... the best place in the city.

Know the single best place in any city

How is the "best place" determined?

At launch, City Swipe will load the single best rated place according to online review sites.

When signing up, users will be asked to agree/disagree (see below) with the best rated places for their hometown.

Eventually, the City Swipe community will overtake the online review sites, because local knowledge is best.

So I just look at 10 screens and that's it?

Not quite.

The only interaction after signing up, is the "Agree/Disagree" function. This allows the best place to either stay at the top or surface from underneath.

For example, you go to the best place in a town for coffee and it's amazing. Hit "Agree" and you see how many others have agreed.

But if you know there is a better place in town for coffee , tap "Disagree" and search for the better place. With enough votes, this better place will replace the existing establishment as the new best place for coffee.

That's it! Just swipe 10 screens in less than a minute to know the best places in any city according to locals.

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Coming Soon.

(Beta release late 2015)

No one deserves spam. The only email you will get from us will be about launch date!

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